Home sweet home. Day 15: Ceres to Somerset-West

The Cederberg morning is fresh and open and after a good night’s rest the road back seems less daunting. Just before Ceres we see a rainbow perfectly arched over the road. It seems a fitting end to a wonderful trip.   The rain starts again as we pass Paarl but the prospect of milktart and hot tea waiting in Somerset-West spurs us on.

Our Kalahari adventure has ended but we have the good fortune of returning to Amma’s (my children’s grandmother & my mom) house where the warmest of welcomes always awaits us.

The next four days will be a mix of cleaning and packing away the camping katunda so that it is ready for our next trip and spending family time together before we return to London.

Thank-you for joining me on our wonderful adventure and I hope to share more stories with you very soon.