I was born under a wandrin’ star

Tomorrow we leave Somerset-West for the Kalahari. One Landcruiser (my husband’s mistress), two boys, two teenagers (soon to be uncoupled from their i-phones like satellites thrown into orbit), too much food and far too many bags of thingsjustincase.

This blog will hopefully chart our progress, both the highs and lows. I invite you to share this two-week journey with us and hope that it’s an ‘awesome’ ride, as the boys would say!

For me the trip is sure to unlock some old memories but hopefully it will also be about making new ones. I hope the magic of the Kgalagadi will rest in small hearts and open big souls. And that’s probably as lyrical as it’s going to get….because after ten hours in the car with four children I expect my view on the world may have altered somewhat.

Alarm set. 3am wake-up!


5 thoughts on “I was born under a wandrin’ star

  1. Most Dearest Gosling-Catchpoles,

    Here’s wishing all six of you the most absolutely amazing and enjoyable trip of a lifetime ever!! I’m so jealous of you all and will be thinking of you every day.

    Know that your friends and family will be expecting a group update as often as is possible regarding your progress!

    Safe travels and take good care out there – we want you all back safe and sound.

    Much love,


  2. Looking forward to travelling with you all thanks to the wonder of cyber space. Bob voyage my adventurous friend!
    E x


  3. absooloodly thrilled for you all….there is a certain magic to that early morning start…the last minute, the sleepy heads and the silence of the open road at the time x


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